Ubi is known to be a small residential estate, and we share our land with light industries and schools. Near our home behind the central field, there is also a small construction site, where some public works are being carried out.

One weekend, Andy and I took a walk around the field. We are not extremely outdoorsy people, which is a good thing we don’t keep dogs but cats instead. During our walk we noticed some dogs playing in the field. We decided to go make friends with them.

Turns out that there are many more dogs in our area. They live either in the construction site, or at the nearby factory carparks. We decided to go feed them as they all seemed rather skinny. One of them, a semi-long haired black and white dog we call Vietnam, followed us to Angels Pet Shop afterward.

So far, we have been feeding them most weekends, as during then they have nobody in the offices nearby that feed them. We knew this because one week after we met them, Vietnam came by himself to Angels Pet Shop (crossing traffic lights and all that) for food again. (He has come a few times since.) Since then, we try to pay all the dogs a visit every weekend, as only Vietnam is daring enough to come to the shop.

Here are some pics of us feeding the dogs. The black and white one is Vietnam, and the brown one is another male dog we call Happy.

There are other dogs in the vicinity: another black and white one with short fur, likely to be Vietnam’s sister, two other female dogs: one of whom, a black one, is blind in one eye, and the other looks like she is Happy’s mother. There are others we have seen only once so far: the blind dog’s daughter/son, and Vietnam’s good friend who looks like a cross-Siberian Husky. There is also a cat there, who seems to be friends with Vietnam as well.

Vietnam is by far the friendliest and most street-wise dog of the pack, as he likes human company and is able to visit the pet shop by himself. Too bad that we have no space to adopt him, as he enjoys our company and attention a lot, and is very tame. He followed us back to our block when we went home after the first time we met him, and if not for Mommy cat (our block’s resident guard-cat) who is fierce towards all intruders of our block, he probably would have come right to our doorstep.

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