Submarine, Batman, Sleepy and Buggy

After getting to know the kittens a little more day by day when we visit them, their individual differences become more distinct. But what they have in common at this stage:

  • They are about three and a half weeks old now.
  • They have begun experimenting on solid food – homemade chicken, Bistro Chicken canned food Royal Canin Kitten 36 kibbles. All these are laid out for Silver their mommy to eat but they have begun nibbling and already have managed to chew and swallow the homemade chicken.
  • They are able to walk, but as it is for kittens at this age, their legs are not fully extended and looks more like they are crawling.
  • They have begun using the litter tray to pee and poo.

As for their individual differences:

  • Sleepy and Buggy are smaller in size compared to their self-coloured siblings. It may also because their fur, while long, is not as long as Batman’s and Submarine’s.
  • Sleepy really likes to sleep…
  • Submarine will grow to be really big in size, because he has larger paws than his other siblings. Also with his puffy fluffy long fur he will definitely look like a big huggable cat when he grows up.

If you are willing to bottle feed them milk as well as provide kitten food for them throughout the day, the kittens will be ready for adoption by end of this week. If you do not wish to take them home until they are totally weaned off milk, then wait till middle of next month to take the kittens home.

As for Silver, when we have re-homed all the kittens and she has stopped lactating, we will be neutering her and re-homing her as well.

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