update on Silver and Orket

We went to feed, water and give first aid to Silver and her kittens this morning because Andy is on leave. They were badly dehydrated as there was thick discharge coming out from all their eyes and nostrils. We cleaned them up, used eye solution to clear out the eye discharge, and fed the mother cat. She was so hungry.

We updated Aswat from Angels Pet Shop about their condition, and we decided that we had to place them in a clean, healthy environment soon, or else they will definitely fall ill.

Soon, was now. Aswat lugged a carrier from his house nearby (yes he is also an Ubi resident) and we brought Silver and her kittens to the shop.

When they reached the shop, the kittens had peed in the carrier and all the kittens, including their mother, was covered in pee.

The first thing we had to do was give Silver a proper shower. She is such an agreeable cat, she sat still in the sink for her shower and did not even attempt to jump out of it, even when we used cold water! (Andy and I bathed her, we did not know where to switch on the heater). Aswat set about preparing a pen for her and her kittens, and he also had to tend to his business as he had dogs waiting for grooming.

After bathing Silver, we wiped the kittens down with paper towels and wet wipes, because they are too young to be bathed.

The pen that we cleared out for Silver and her kittens is actually occupied by Orket, who stays at the shop because she has no permanent home at the moment.

The question now, what to do with Orket?

Andy and I decided to foster her for a while, until Silver and her kittens are adopted. At least we live nearby the shop, on the way home for Aswat as he walks to and from work; he can come visit her anytime.

So far, she is doing well in our house. Our cats have not been unusually hostile towards her, as far as cats go, and she has already hopped about touring the house. Thankfully, our cat tree has an igloo portion, which she can retreat to for safety. We have also set up her feeding station at the base of the cat tree.

For her first meal in our house, we hand fed her.

She ate 3 spoonfuls of Royal Canin Fit 32, and some Addiction canned food. Feeding her was like eating with our hands like we do in countries like Indonesia! She was very happy eating!

After that, I took a wet towel to clean her face so her fur won’t get matted from any food remnants. Now we just need to find Orket a permanent home, or at least for Silver’s kittens, then we can return Orket to her loving owner.

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