We have been toying with the idea of saving up and investing in a water feature for our indoor cat garden. While they do sell these in pet shops, the aesthetics of these water dispensers is not that great, and they usually cost over a hundred bucks. What we are visualising is the kind that is sold in landscaping stores – an indoor water feature.

Something like this:

It will provide the sound of running water, be aesthetically pleasing, and something that cats can drink from (aerated water supposed to be healthy), all in all enhancing our cats’ well being in being indoors all the time.

Aswat, who is Muslim and celebrates Hari Raya, knows that they will sell these items in the Geylang Serai Pasar, cheap and variously, during their fasting month. (But it will be extremely crowded – I am claustrophobic). We might take a visit sometime, it is near our church. They will usually be retailing these items for half the price of those indoor water features sold in stores.

Being a very DIY guy himself Aswat also says we can make one using the water pumps bought from aquariums, and getting the rocks and flat-based pot to construct the feature. But we aren’t that DIY ourselves – my hands-on skills are limited to painting and sewing. We prefer to take our time to shop for the exact one we want and simply buying it off the rack. But because this is not an essential item, more of a hobby buy, I have been researching on how to make one anyway. My only concern is that it might not be aesthetically pleasing and/or safe if I make one myself. If I had nearby access to a pottery kiln I would be more likely try it myself, then I can hand-build the feature to our design and liking. But I haven’t done pottery in years and it is too much effort for a hobby buy!

So the search continues, which is a large part of the fun anyway!

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  • We haven't bought one yet, still shopping for a good design that fits our budget but this is very close to what I have in mine. We are looking forward to seeing our cats enjoy one soon!

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