Cat Shopping Wishlist

We love shopping for our cats! But we need to stick to our budgets, as well as take time to find the right products at the right prices. Here is our kitty wishlist:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

Our cats need new shampoo because ours has finished – all used on Vietnam. Also, Slinky is beginning to show signs of flaky skin, which we saw when we brushed her just now at Aswat’s shop. I am looking at trying out two new shampoos and one conditioner:

Shampoo for pets usually costs from about $15. Three bottles of the stuff will mean a lot more at one go. But they will need shampoo soon for their next bath, and the Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo sounds like it will benefit Slinky’s dry skin. Scooter’s fur is rough, so a conditioner might make him seem less stray-catty. And the Aristopet shampoo is the dog & cat version of the Hobo cat one we used, which might come in handy when we next need to give a rescued dog a bath. But that one probably can wait, since our cats now don’t have flea problems.

  • Strawberry open bed for Slinky

We hope to place this one on our sofa, as Slinky enjoys snoozing on it. Having a bed there will minimise the amount of surface area I need to clean off my sofa because of her fur. It also matches our decor, plus it is cute. We saw Queenie at Little Paws @ Telok Kurau sleep in one at the shop sofa and we really would want the same one for our Slinky. Here’s a sketchy visualisation –

Isn’t it cute and nice?

  • 1 storey cat tower with sitting area on top / cat perch

This cat furniture idea would be great for our kitchen. Our dining table has 4 chairs, but me and Andy plus the 3 pusses makes 5, which means we are 1 chair short if all of us want to gather at the kitchen together.

We already don’t let the cats go on top of the dining table. But they really do enjoy snoozing and hanging out on the dining chairs. A short perch for the cats would make a nice addition to our collection of cat furniture, like an additional chair for the dining table. Otherwise we might end up seeing something like this in our kitchen:

Which we obviously don’t want. The low height of a cat perch would also still be safe for the cats, because our dining area is very near the kitchen windows.

  • UniqTag name tag for Scooter

It is about time we got him his, now that he is big enough to wear one. The girls already have theirs.

  • ‘Scooter’ charm for Scooter

Our cats have cute costume jewellery charms on their collars: Slinky’s is of a silver fat cat, Sayang’s is of a pink heart, Scooter’s is of the letter ‘S’, because I could never find a charm of a scooter. This one would be ideal:

But it is not sold in Singapore, sadly. The search goes on.

  • Balloon sticks and feathers

…to make feather teaser toys. Slinky loves teaser type toys especially, but at the rate she destroys them, I need these toys in bulk. The solution is to buy the raw materials and make them myself. After some thinking, I reckoned that balloon sticks, feathers and some ribbons and glue will give me plenty of teaser toys to use as toys for her. I just need to get them cheap and in large quantities. I used to buy the feather teasers from Pet Lovers Centre at $1.90 each (they come in yellow or pink) but those have been phased out – I don’t see them in stores anymore. My raw materials have to be cheaper than $1.90 per finished product so that it is worth it for me to purchase them.

  • Kitty stickers

I am forever on the search of nice stickers, perhaps because I completely bypassed the sticker-collection stage when I was a little girl. I want to find nice stickers to decorate all our cats’ things such as their litter box and their feeding area. Don’t you think it would look cute? –

And so the search continues for kitty stickers.

We’ll keep searching, and shopping – prudently, but with a lot of fun. Happy shopping!

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