One of mine and Andy’s hobbies is meeting other animal lovers in Ubi. We often talk to fellow pet shop customers, hearing about their experiences with their pets or sharing our knowledge with them to further improve their pets’ welfare. We also end up getting invited to some of their houses, to visit their animals, which we enjoy doing.

By and large, most of the people we meet in Ubi are great pet owners. Some may have old-fashioned thinking, feeding their animals incorrectly, but they are usually open, albeit slow, to changes in their thinking. The houses we visit in Ubi are also clean and well-maintained, which debunks the fact that animals mess up your house. It especially warms the heart to hear stories of successful adoptions, and also to see pets happy and well cared for.

Like today, one of the houses we visited is of a lady who has two dogs and many beautiful birds. Although she is Chinese-educated, she kept herself informed on her pets by buying pet books in Mandarin. She showed us a very impressive book on birds! She also provides beautiful cages and nesting boxes, hand-painted herself, for her collection of birds.

We also increase our own learning by meeting other pet lovers, as well as make lots of friends with a common interest. It is true that pet ownership improves your social well-being. I guess it also helps in general animal welfare, because through this we can find out if there any possible cases of animal mistreatment, as well as share knowledge among pet owners so that lives will be improved over time.

In fact, one of the reasons why we like to patronise Angels Pet Shop and hang out there is because Aswat is a very caring animal lover who is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of pets. Through him we learnt a lot about our cats, as well as about dogs and other animals. Andy especially was extremely ecstatic to walk Aswat’s dogs and help him to bathe dogs that visit the shop, because he has never owned a dog before. He has already learnt a lot about dogs even though he has yet to own one, which makes for great education for the future if we ever own a dog together.

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