Ferplast slicker brush

After surfing through tons of pet product websites for the Angels blog, I have come to the conclusion that the coolest website has got to be from Ferplast, a brand of pet accessories.The photos are nicely taken, the website is in super cool Flash (albeit slow to load), there are nice pics of pet animals, there is even a welcome video.

The only Ferplast item we have at home in our cat closet is the grooming brush:

This slicker brush was Andy’s first ever purchase from Angels Pet Shop; he passed by the shop and saw the brush on sale, and promptly bought it to groom my darling Slinky. The small brush is meant for brushing the face – you can also use a toothbrush for facial fur – and the hook on the end is used to remove the fur from the brush. Slinky’s fur requires at least three fur-removals off the brush per grooming.

A slicker brush like this one is quite an essential if you have cats with long or thick fur. Oriental Cats like Sayang will require much less grooming, and can benefit from merely hand-grooming which is probably what the cat and you will really enjoy anyway. There are other kinds of brushes available too but this one is probably the only one you really need as a starter.

Grooming your cat removes dead fur, helping your cat to eliminate incidences of hairballs as well as keeping your house clean of fur balls all over the place. Also, together with shampooing, you can look out for any skin and coat related problems on your cat’s body, such as fleas, scratches or loss of fur, which may be masked by your cat’s fur until you groom her.

We learnt a new trick from Aswat about using a slicker brush – first brush the fur the wrong way up, to remove all the dead fur, then brush it back the right way along the body. Either way, have fun stroking your cat with a brush!

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