Our three cats have different personalities when it comes to human strangers.

Slinky is extremely hospitable, often being the first the greet the visitors at the doorstep, and willing to hang out in the same room as us, allowing visitors to take her picture – she is very good at posing for pictures.

Sayang is extremely shy around strangers, and the only one she lovingly enjoys hugs from is Aswat, whom she knows as her rescuer. She usually hides in some ‘safe’ place in the house until the strangers are gone. She is especially afraid of children.

Scooter acts like as if nothing is happening, and he is like this even when he is in someone else’s house. He goes around doing his usual routine and is daring enough to go up to a visitor to sniff them out. We brought him to visit Aswat at his house with his five cats and he was totally at ease with them, just sitting there in the open and unafraid. He has never been afraid of other cats and I guess it is because he comes from a big family.

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