Two of our neighbourhood strays have been missing for a long time. One is a cat we call Andie, who is a favourite stray among shop owners below our block, as she is very obedient. She has gone missing. She is less than a year old, and already sterilised.

Another is Uncle cat, who we recently sterilised as well.

After much asking around in our community, we found that many people have also said that they no longer see these cats around.

We wonder if any residents have complained about them, resulting in them being culled by AVA.

All we can do is continue to educate the people we meet in the neighbourhood about our efforts in sterilising the stray cats in Ubi, and how this manages cat problems. Thankfully, Ubi residents tend to be animal lovers, and are also very friendly: we often chat with the shop owners in the area, and with fellow pet shop customers.

I suppose it might be too fanatical to do much more than this for now. Thankfully, most of the strays in Ubi are doing well.

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