• His current favourite toy is a rubber shoe we got as a free gift from Pet Lovers Centre. It is now no longer a shoe.
  • He falls asleep easily when I burn some essential oils such as lavender to calm him, or tea tree oil for his itch. A spray of chamomile and orange on his towel and he is completely relaxed and snoozing.
  • He loves cats and birds and seems to want to ‘herd’ them, or play with them – every time we are out on his walks he stops to stare at cats and birds. His favourite outdoor activity is running through the birds roosting in the Ubi field.
  • He is a classic mongrel: does not bark much, does not do his business in the house, does not shed much fur, and is amazingly obedient, knowing his name, and when he is scolded.
  • His appetite has improved! He is now eating two meals a day. He drinks plenty of water.

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