This evening we collected a few cats for neutering, a total of four. Our cat-neutering service provider, Danny, collected the cats from us and will be returning them tomorrow afternoon.

Among the cats brought in, one was Hobbes, who has previously boarded at Angels Pet Shop twice – the first was when he just got injured during the car accident, the second was when he was ill with liver infection. All his brothers are neutered, and he was the last to be sent because he is smaller in size and weaker.

Ali came along to help us, and he also brought along his kittens’ mother for sterilisation. We invited Ubi residents to bring along their unsterilised cats along too, to encourage the community to neuter their pet cats. The cost of neutering in a joint scheme like this is about $50 per cat, with additional costs for female cats, and more if they are on heat and/or pregnant. Significantly cheaper, except that you can only collect your cat the next day, and that certification will not be provided (ears will be tipped). A total of 3 pet cats were brought in tonight, including Auntie Can’s cat whom she adopted as a stray kitten.

Tonight was an easy night, as there are very few strays left in our area that need to be neutered, unlike some previous times where we worked till midnight to trap the cats. When some of the new stray kittens in our area grow up there will be another round again. It is never ending work, but meaningful indeed.

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