pet farm excursion; never again

Today we had, in my opinion, a controversial animal excursion: we visited the pet farms at Pasir Ris Farmway.

It is a controversial visit to me because, firstly, I do not enjoy patronising shops that sell dogs and cats. The animals for sale are also in very poor condition, having been fed expired food with rice as their staple diets. It is also very obvious that some of the shops there are more intent on making money than sharing their love for animals. I also felt very disgusted by the customers who visit these low-repute places to ‘buy’ animals, and I felt sorry for myself to be have been seen in the same place as such humans.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience going there, and I mean it literally: I will never go there again.

At Pet M——, there was a Chihuahua for sale who was already handicapped; one of his legs was deformed. He was going at a price of $88. Just yesterday they were selling large Chihuahuas at $18 each, because they had too many bitches in season a few months ago. At what value is an animal when the motivation to own one is the price?

Most of the animals in the shops looked sad. They were either skinny, lonely in showcages with no toys, or cramped together with their siblings in small spaces. In some of the cages the water and food was inaccessible for the puppies.

The queens and bitches that were visible (though not accessible) to public looked worn out. The breeding animals are often coerced into mating at these farms, it is no wonder they looked tired.

There were cats too, pedigrees, at E——- Pet Farm, and these looked much better than the dogs, possibly because there is a larger demand for dogs hence the ‘production’ standard. This particular farm however did not give me a good feeling; too many sales-people who don’t seem to be involved in the care of the animals at all. In fact I rather question if these people even like animals.

There was only one animal that I took a liking to among all; a great Dane dog, who was absolutely beautiful. She is however an abandoned dog among the few animal shelters that are also located at the Farmway. The animal shelters redeemed the day somewhat, knowing that there was a place where disadvantaged animals could live safely and possibly find new homes.

I came home happily to my loving three cats, all Ubi strays that needed a better life in a warm and caring home. I am just happy that I can provide this for them.

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