I just read the funniest post about giving pills to cats, here.

As for our cats, I find small pills easy to feed to Scooter, which I sneak into his food. He swallows in huge bites so he doesn’t realise there is hidden medicine. For pastes and liquid medicines any spills will be licked by the cat, so it is still ingested. Another way I use is to pound the pill into powder and administer with water (glucose optional) using a syringe.

The best way of course is to open the cat’s mouth, insert the pill, close his mouth and stroke his throat. But ‘ware the spit-out pill, if it happens, re-pill as said in the article!

Always end the pilling with a treat to take the medicine taste away and to help them swallow the pill fully.

There are also pill administers or whatever you call them, which is like a syringe, probably available from vets.

The main pills we have on hand are:

  • Danzen, an anti-inflammatory / pain killer
  • Loperamide, an anti-diarrhoeal
  • Chlorpheniramine. an anti-histamine

You will note that these are also human medicines which, in lower doses, are used for veterinary purposes. Never give a cat Panadol as it is toxic to them.

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