We just bought new plants for the cat garden!

The one on the left is basil, which is edible and in the same plant family as catnip; the one on the right is rosemary which can also be used in cooking. I actually have these same herbs in my kitchen, but of the dried variety and needless to say rather expensive. Buying them fresh is much more economical, and I can also use them in the cats’ homemade food. Sayang loves them, especially rosemary.

As you can see, we placed our plants on a tray, with a rubber mat below them to prevent the pots from toppling over when being mauled by the cats. I also used them as is, in the plastic pots, as ceramic pots might break when the cats play around it.

Their feeding and watering area has been empty for a while since they killed the last few plants in their own garden. The plants we got today are much bigger than those we got before, so they will hopefully last longer and stretch the longevity of our indoor cat garden.

We bought our rosemary and basil plants from Far East Flora nursery in Bedok, where they are now having a sale. There are also other nurseries next to it, about four more. The first two nurseries even had catnip plants! We had a choice of pandan, catnip, rosemary and basil (the best cat plants) but we settled on herb plants because they were on offer at Far East Flora.

Now all we need is another pot of Angels Pet Shop cat grass – millet – that Aswat still hasn’t found the time to go round making. Then our garden will be complete!

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