Three days ago I decided to patronise Pet Mobile: an online pet store that does delivery. The upside to the services provided by this store:

  • Minimum order for free delivery is only $35.
  • Competitive prices for some of their cat food brands
  • Variety of brands available
  • Canned food sold in packs of 6 instead of 12 or 24, allowing greater choice

The experience using their service is mixed. I ordered 12 cans of Natural Balance @ $2.80/can – Ocean Fish and Ultra flavours – and 6 cans of Wellness Chicken flavour @ $2.55/can. The prices were good, and we were down to our last can of food, hence the decision to order. We are also still waiting on the large cans of Seeds canned food to hit Angels Pet Shop next week, and for variety’s sake we still feed our cats Natural Balance and Wellness anyway.

However, the turnaround between order time and delivery is 3 days, which is not as fast as other delivery services that usually deliver the next day. Also, there were some mix-ups: Firstly, they forgot to pack the Wellness into our delivery package. Secondly, they charged us a higher price for the Natural Balance as their price had increased after we ordered. Thirdly, they mixed up one Ocean Fish can for a Tuna with Shrimp formula. While all problems were rectified immediately and our cats are okay with the Tuna flavour, there is still definitely room for improvement.

Thankfully, Rick from Pet Mobile is very friendly and quick to resolve the issue on the overpricing. We don’t mind the 3 day time lag even though it was not stated on their website, as we still had enough food to last us the 3 days – just make sure you have some food left before you order, else your cats might have to go hungry for a bit while waiting for the delivery response. Another good point is that they email you a summary of your order within the next day, so you have a record of your orders, which came in handy for us since the price on the delivery order had a discrepancy.

Our canned food consumption is going down because Sayang and Scooter are growing up already, hence we may not be buying much canned food in bulk in the future. This means that we may not use this service again. But do take a look at their website anyway; good to have a bookmark handy on a large variety of cat food available online.

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