simple uses for catnip

Catnip garners different responses from different cats. Slinky is not especially fond of catnip. Sayang loves it, in food and in toys. Scooter with his keen sense of smell is also attracted to toys that have catnip in them.

Catnip can be grown as a household plant, or purchased from pet stores in packets of dried catnip or as catnip sprays. Sprays are specifically used for environment – towers, beds, toys. Dried catnip and fresh catnip can be used in food. Catnip treats are also available.

Because we didn’t buy catnip plants today but rosemary and basil instead, we don’t have any fresh catnip. We do however have a packet of dried catnip which has come in quite handy in many creative ways.

One way is to make toys using catnip. Just a simple toilet roll or crushed paper will be transformed into a formidable cat toy with some catnip inserted.

I also enhanced their cat tower by making a simple cat dangling toy out of a small towel, catnip within, and a piece of string – and tied the toy around the scratching post. Ever since I did that, Sayang has been hanging out in the hammock portion of the cat condo more because the toy is dangled just above it.

For their beds, I made small sachets of catnip to insert into their pillows, which can be simply paper wrapped around some catnip. Catnip is known to relax cats, and helps them fall asleep better.

For the ultimate use – I made a simple cat treat using catnip. We have run out of treats so this one is timely. Simply take a kibble of dry food, roll it on some canned food making the surface moist. Crush the catnip with your fingers into a pan. Then roll the moistened kibble in the crushed catnip. Voila! Instant cat treats. Sayang LOVES them.

You can also make similar treats with fresh meat and wholewheat flour (among other things), and baking them after rolling them in crushed catnip. I haven’t tried that recipe though – no flour in the house. But I reckon I can make a simplified version using wholewheat breadcrumbs to coat the meatballs.

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