slinky’s current toilet – hardware store variety

A few weeks ago we upgraded Slinky’s toilet. This is largely because we wanted to use pine pellets for her toilet as we are already using that for the other two cats.

Because a PeeWee tray will be too big for our bathroom where Slinky likes to use as her litter area, we decided to get an alternative from a hardware store instead. This took much thinking, as we needed to find a system which mimics the PeeWee system; we cannot just use an open pan – the dust will trail all over.

After much thinking, I had an eureka on the perfect hardware store solution: Two trays, one of which has holes, the other which acts as a bottom tray. We searched our neighbourhood hardware store for the right trays. We found one tray which was meant to be a vegetable sieve – meaning that it had holes at the bottom and not just at the sides like most plastic baskets – and a bottom tray which was a perfect fit for the sieve. Both trays were perfect in size for our toilet and for Slinky to use – small enough, steady enough.

And it only cost us $9.80.

Here is how it looks – and you can make one too.

Here are the two trays I am unloading in our kitchen.

This is the bottom tray.

This is the top tray, which has holes both at the sides AND at the bottom to filter out the dust.

Fitting the two trays together – make sure it is a perfect fit – with a ‘litter pan liner’ (actually a tze char box liner bought from SKP) in between.

And here is how it looks in our bathroom. It fits right into the corner, which eliminates the floor area where stray litter might hit, and right next to the pipes where we can hang our litter scoop. Perfect!

So far Slinky has immensely enjoyed her toilet, using it stress-free every day. Sometimes Sayang and Scooter sneak in to use her toilet still, but as long as I clear the poo for her before she uses it, she is okay. Because it is only used by one cat the plastic liner containing the pee and dust does not have to be cleared every day. In a drier environment, say a kitchen, it would only need to be cleared once a week but because our bathroom has a lot of moisture, it would be ideal to clear the liner once every two to three days otherwise there will be a lot of dust build-up.

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  • Ah, I see. That's great! Thanks for the info. Now I can look forward to a sand-free house. ^_^;

    – Karen

  • Hi Bebe and Yang Yang
    It is actually very easy to clear because even though the pellets itself don't clump to the poo, the smaller pellets (those reduced through the cats' use) and the saw dust will. So it is still very easy to clear. Another trick is to let the poo dry out a bit before clearing.

  • Hi. I have been an avid reader of your blog for your handy cat-care tips and am particularly intrigued by your posts on cat litter PeeWee. Hope you can share more in detail about your experience with PeeWee for your cats, if it would be messy clearing the poo poo (since it doesn't clump the poo), especially if the cats have diarrhea?

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