Yesterday night, a fellow customer of Angels Pet Shop who owns hamsters and dogs, brought a rescued kitten to the shop.

This kitten was found in a rat trap set up by the management of her work place at Turf City.

Thankfully, she was not injured by the trap in any way.

The kitten’s mother was nowhere to be found, which explains why the kitten looks weepy and dirty from a lack of cleaning and feeding. The kitten is now roughly about 6 weeks old.

Her workplace management had already called in AVA to remove (i.e. kill) the kitten, but this nice lady managed to intervene and rescue this cat in time. There are also other cats where she works, and she feeds them regularly, but those are all adult cats who can fend for themselves better than a kitten can.

The kitten is now boarding at Angels Pet Shop while she recuperates. During her stay there we will be helping to clean her and socialise her with humans, as well as fatten her up a bit, so that she will make a better house pet when she is re-homed. So far she has no symptoms of any illness or injuries.

I will try to take better pictures of her when she is better; meanwhile if you are interested in providing this disadvantaged kitten a new home, please contact Aswat @ 9337 8211.

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