Featuring our regular favourite cat treats!

Our all-time favourite is Vitakraft Malt Crossys, which retails at Pet Lovers Centre for $3.90 after discount.

We like this treat because:

  • It is affordable.
  • Our cats generally like it.
  • It stops them from coughing and vomitting hairballs.

I started buying this cat treat ever since Slinky was the only cat. I figured she would like this because she likes nibbling on my digestive biscuits which is very similar in texture and flavour to Vitakraft. I also like this treat because whenever Slinky or Scooter starts coughing (they shed more) I feed this to them and they usually stop coughing, and will not vomit. Scooter vomitted once recently when our Vitakraft had ran out, and we went to replenish our stock today.

Our second favourite treat is Shiloh and Lester Salmon Treats. We bought it because Queenie the cat at Little Paws @ Telok Kurau did a demonstration for us to show us how palatable it was. We bought it immediately. It is however rather expensive, about $7, and it finishes really fast in our house. Which probably means it really is very delicious!

Today we bought two other meat-type treats: Angel’s Treats; both lamb and salmon flavours. I opened the lamb flavoured one for the cats; Sayang and Slinky enjoyed it very much! It has apples, which is why Sayang likes it I guess, she likes fruits and veggies. I like the texture of the treat, it’s raw dried meat, which means it is very good for keeping their teeth clean. And it is huge, which means I don’t have to keep feeding them, one or two a day is more than enough.

We bought our Angel’s Treats at Pet Lovers Centre for $6.64 after discount.

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