Edit: Vietnam has decided to go ‘home’ to his construction site. But we will still keep an eye on him to make sure he is okay, and we still hope to find him a permanent, safe and loving home.

This is Vietnam, a beautiful mongrel with short black-and-white fur, with just a bit of curly fur on the top of his back like a mane – similar to native dogs found in Vietnam.

He hails from the construction site behind our Ubi field. He had many doggie-playmates there, and we used to feed them every weekend when the site workers were off-work.

Recently, we found out that all of his family members and friends have been taken away. Perhaps by pest control, and dumped elsewhere. Perhaps by AVA, and culled. We don’t know. We know for sure that they are no longer there.

Vietnam somehow managed to escape the culling. But he was skinny and in bad shape. We took him home to clean and medicate him, and are now fostering him.

He is now much better. We have showered him, used Frontline on him to clear his fur of fleas and ticks. We have also applied medicine on parts of his fur that had dermatitis and it has now improved.

He is a very happy dog, yet very obedient. He hardly barks, and does his business only when he brought for walks twice daily. He has not messed up our house in anyway – he does not shed much fur, and he is content to simply lying beside you in the room. He really makes a very good house dog indeed.

However, he cannot get along with our cats, because our cats are not used to dogs being in the house. Unlike some cats that see dogs every day of their lives, ours are terrified and have been staying outside the room where Vietnam is staying with us. This is the main reason why we need to rehome him. Even though we love him very much, we cannot provide him the best homewhere he can roam freely around the house. We also need to take care of our cats’ well-being. We believe that there is a better home out there for him.

Vietnam’s skin problem has improved somewhat, but as you can see from this picture he has not fully recovered – some parts of his fur is still red. We will foster him while we find him a new owner, applying his medicine daily and feeding him low-allergen food. He will do well with a veterinary check-up to de-worm him and get his vaccines, as well as get sterilised. He is otherwise very healthy. He is currently eating Acana Lamb & Apple dry food – he prefers dry food to anything else – and we are using Sulferene for his skin.

We will give him away together with his blanket, Acana food, and collar, to ensure he eases in to his new home well. He would do well in a household where there are no cats. He is however very sociable with other dogs. He is already used to being leashed and walked and will listen to basic commands.

If you would like to adopt him or visit him, call Andy at 8127 7072 or email me at avalon.apart@ gmail.com.

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