We brought Sayang down for a walk today, seeing that it was lovely weather and that she has been such a good girl. She is the best of our cats to walk, as she loves grass and plants, and does not struggle or meow when I carry her.

We brought her to see the bubble tea shop uncle and auntie, who love animals (their dog and cat have already passed on) and asked for us to bring down our cats to visit them. Sayang, being naturally shy around strangers, wasn’t very sociable but at least we brought a smile to their faces :D.

We also brought her to the pet shop, because she loves Aswat’s plants and the grass patch outside. She had a great time nibbling on the leaves and hiding amongst the flower pots to closely inspect the plants.

She also enjoyed sitting on my lap while we humans chatted away. She is really a total lap-cat.

Aswat enjoyed hugging her, which Sayang didn’t mind as Aswat was one of her rescuers. She unfortunately shivered and cowed away from other pet shop customers, because she is so unbearably shy around strangers.

Among all our cats, Sayang loves greenery the most, and is the tamest to bring around. Slinky is more outgoing towards people, but she is terrified of other cats and unknown territory. Plus she is too big to leash properly (she is similar to British Shorthairs, medium to large in size and quite stocky). Scooter never really grew up around grass and is quite satisfied with potted plants.

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