We bought Cosi pet milk for our cats again, they really love it, all three of them.

Milk is good stuff, containing calcium, which is a dietary requirement for cats just like for humans.

The food groups that contain high calcium – milk and other dairy products like cheese and yoghurt; legumes such as peas, alfafa and other kinds of beans; and bones. Pet milk, cheese, yoghurt and bean-type vegetables are easy to serve, but how about bones? We hear that you can pressure-cook fish till the bones turn soft enough for your cat to eat. Never tried it myself, but one of the cat owners in Ubi does that – pressure-cook fish bought daily from the markets, serve everything.

If you are cooking for your cats, remember that grains and meats have lower levels of calcium. In the past when there was no such thing as pet foods – just table scraps – calcium deficiencies were more common in pet animals but they are much rarer now that we are more informed. Just remember to balance your recipes.

As for the rest of us who use commercial foods, milk can be one of the ways to vary your cat’s diet. Some nights, instead of kibbles or canned food for supper, you can half the amount of kibbles and serve them milk alongside their food bowl. Variety is the spice of life as they say; a gradually varied diet can add some interest to your cat’s life.

Have fun lapping it up!

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