Remember Little Sayang, sister of Little Salem?
Her new family is really great. Here’s the whole story.

Little Sayang was adopted by a family who lives in Choa Chu Kang. Their daughter, even though she is young and never owned a cat before, did all her research about cats and how to care for one. Needless to say, she is indeed very knowledgeable. Likewise, their mom learnt as much as she could about caring for a little kitten, and asked us a lot of questions when they first came to view the kittens, which we gladly answered.

Their dad drove back to the shop later that night and collected Little Sayang home, buying some essentials along with it. That’s two visits! From Choa Chu Kang!

Today it seems they paid Angels another visit, this time to pick up more cat essentials for Little Sayang. Again, all the way from the west! Andy and I didn’t get to meet them but hearing that Little Sayang is doing well and having such a dedicated family is such good news. It is hearing about loving families like these that really make my day.

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