about bonito flakes as cat treats

I have recently read that cats love bonito flakes! In case you’re wondering what’s that – it is shaved dried oily fish (skipjack tuna), used as garnishing on top of many Japanese dishes, as well as useful for making Japanese soup stock. It is the same as okaka (just presented differently) which you may find as an ingredient in some canned food brands. It is prepared by fermenting and smoking skipjack tuna. From what I read, the process of making bonito or what is known in Japanese as Katsuobushi is totally natural.

Well, I checked it out and found that there are actually pet food brands that produce bonito flakes cat treats, just not anywhere in Singapore that I have seen. (Internet is a wonderful thing for window-shopping globally).

Apparently bonito flakes are not only extremely palatable to cats, but are healthy too. They contain taurine and fish oils and are high-protein snacks.

At one of our favourite Japanese food marts, the fish market at Parkway Parade (B1, near Gramophone) and 100gm of shaved bonito flakes costs $11+, which is a tad cheaper than buying the pet brand varieties. There are no other ingredients inside except simply dried bonito flakes.

I am very tempted to buy some next time to try on our cats!

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