after Scooter’s sterilisation…

Unlike Sayang, he was quite able to move by night-time after his day operation. According to the after care letter given by our vet:

Immediately After:
When you pick Scooter up from our clinic he may be a little drowsy. This is quite normal following an anaesthetic and surgery. The drowsiness should reduce over the next 12-24 hours. There will be some bruising… so he should not be expected to be completely normal for a few days. Some oozing of a diluted blood stained fluid is normal but it should not be bleeding excessively.

Note: Scooter does not have any sutures put in – the incisions in his scrotum will heal on their own…

He did experience some discomfort when using the toilet but we cleaned his area with a bit of antiseptic solution and powder after that. The important thing is to stop him from licking the area and so far we have succeeded by scolding and giving him treats. If he persists we might have to get him an e-collar although it will be uncomfortable.

And Scooter did not require stitches because he is small, so I guess that is good – big cats need at least 1 – 2 stitches which will complicate matters if the stitches heal improperly. So, do sterilise at 6 months old.

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