Are you a bit cat-crazy?

If you are, then you might do any or all of the following things that Andy and I do:

  • I sing to my cat Slinky sometimes. Usually the song goes to tunes like Spiderman or Hokey Pokey, to the lyrics of ‘Slinky-cat oh Slinky-cat!’ or ‘Oh… Slinky-dinky!’
  • If I don’t talk to Sayang once a day she will talk to me, so even if I am alone at home there are times I can be found having a ‘chat’ with Sayang.
  • Andy, Aswat and I go around Ubi looking for stray cats sometimes even though we are not feeders. We call it work – looking for newly abandoned or born or unsterilised cats to follow up on – but actually sometimes we just want to look for cats because cats are cute!
  • Andy and I make up conversations that go along with our cats’ daily activities, I will assume the voice of one of our cats, Andy will assume another’s. A regular conversation may go like this: ‘This zebra nice to play meh, why Sayang jie jie likes it so much.’ (Scooter) or ‘Scooter, don’t disturb Slinky jie jie.” (Sayang)
  • I often have dreams about my cats, and Andy says sometimes I will call out their names in alarm while asleep, saying things such as, ‘Slinky! Get down from the window!’ or ‘Scooter! Don’t drink the floor water!’ (implying the water on the bathroom floor).

Are you cat-crazy like us? If you dare, share your craziness too! Unless Andy and I are really the only crazy ones…

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