first-aid supply stock up

Alongside dropping Scooter off at our vet this morning – The Animal Clinic (Katong) Dr Hsu – I also bought an essential cat first-aid supply – antiseptic solution.

It is actually called Esemtan+Hydrogen Peroxide and is an OTC medication. I bought the big bottle 240ml for $12 because ours is running out and I also wanted to decant some for Aswat to keep at the shop because he only has antiseptic powder right now. Antiseptic powder promotes healing, stops bleeding and keeps the wound dry, but antiseptic solution should be the first medication applied before the powder as it cleans the wound effectively.

If you need to buy this just stop at the clinic and ask for it, no prescription needed, say it’s for stray cats; the label actually indicates ‘(My Name) – for stray cats’ which is kind of cute. Stray cats tend to suffer from scratches from cat fights, or if they are senior cats, from scratching themselves because they cannot retract their claws properly when they scratch themselves. For dogs, I swear by Sulfodene (from pet shops) because it not only acts as an antiseptic solution it also eases the discomfort dogs have from hot spotsVietnam’s hot spots have totally gone after we used it on him religiously while he was staying with us.

Do read our cat first-aid article to know more about basic first aid that you might need to know if you are helping stray cats or own cats.

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