We were just chatting with Submarine’s new owners – he is now known as Tiger – and were talking about flat-faced cats. Persians and Exotic Shorthairs have flat faces. They are more high-maintenance when it comes to feeding. They cannot really eat properly nor drink much.

With a flat-faced cat, it would be good if the cat had a proper flat bowl with spill-guard, else be hand-fed. It would also be easier for the cat to drink from a dome like our water-fountain, because they cannot really drink much by lapping from a bowl.

They also will need regular cleaning around their face. They will be more prone to tear-stains and food-stains around their face, which can be cleaned using baking soda. For fur or other foreign objects that get lodged in their huge round eyes, use saline solution or your regular eye drops to rinse it out, and gently remove the fur or foreign object with some moistened cotton.

That and of course, daily brushing to keep their fur in good condition, especially for Persians.

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