friendly reminder about outdoor access

I have written before on allowing your cat outdoor access – the pros and cons. Ultimately, your cat’s safety is also a pet owner’s responsibility, and giving your cat freedom may not come to a happy ending.

There are two cases in our neighbourhood where first-storey households have allowed their own cats unsupervised outdoor access. One of the cats, Scooter’s sister, fell into terrible sickness, likely internal bleeding (results still yet unknown) which could have been from an un-witnessed accident. The other cat, also a cat rescued by Aswat, recently died in a tragic accident. She was allowed outdoor access unsupervised, and got attacked by stray dogs and died.

Tonight we did a little Ubi excursion to check out the cats on the farthest end of the neighbourhood from us. We noticed a few cats that were ‘kept’ cats but were running around in void decks and car park areas. So I thought this reminder would be timely. Please do not allow your cat unsupervised or un-penned outdoor access. It may be more boring indoors, but it is definitely much safer.

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