hansel, kendra and gretel

“Hi! I am Handsome Hansel! It’s dinnertime, so I am very awake. My human carers cleaned me and wiped my nose and ears so now I am really clean! It is dinnertime! Oh wait, have I already said that…

“OK so now I am quite full of yummy chicken with yummy tuna. Excuse me while I go… to sleep… zzz…”

Hansel is really cute. After cleaning him properly today, we realise that he has a really cute pink nose! And he is greedier than his sister Gretel, even eating her leftover food when she couldn’t finish. After washing himself, he promptly went to sleep, oblivious to Kendra hopping around him playing and meowing at us.

Kendra being her usual active needy self, wanted to be let out of her cage, so we did, and she went right ahead to playing.

She really likes to run around and play. When let out of her pen, she ran around, exploring every possible corner of the shop, and even managed to climb out of the safety gate of the boarding area.

As for shy little Gretel, she finally warmed up to others. When Andy stroked her on his lap, she blinked and enjoyed being cuddled.

In fact, she started to learn how to play, with Kendra as her example. She tried to mimic how Kendra played with their cat-toys in their pen. When Kendra tried to play-fight with her, Gretel didn’t quite know how to respond but readily allowed Kendra to hug and paw at her. She has a really cute heart-shaped face and creamy-red fur. She kind of reminds us of Sammy who has the same heart-shaped face, innocent eyes and small frame.

All three kittens are around 6-7 weeks old, if you are keen to give any of them a home, please call Aswat at 6748 9810 / 9337 8211. All kittens are healthy, litter-trained and are already on solid food.

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