highly NOT recommended household cleaner

This weekend I spent much time cleaning the boarding area of Angels Pet Shop – the carriers, the cages, the mats and trays of the cages. I went to buy a bottle of Dettol Multi-action 4-in-1 cleaner to use as the cleaning agents at Angels were running low. I usually use Kiwi Kleen Multi-purpose cleaner around my house which is effective and safe to use around the house with my cats, but was tempted to buy the Dettol brand yesterday instead, because it came with free hand-soap I could place at the shop.

Big mistake!

Firstly, after washing everything, my hands felt dry as hell. But never mind that, I have dry skin and eczema anyway. Then the next day, we found that Kendra and Salem had a rash on their ears. And mine and Aswat’s hands were peeling.

So we realised, that Dettol Multi-Action 4-in-1 cleaner – BAD for skin, BAD for pets!

We treated the cats’ ears with antiseptic lotion, and gave them both an oatmeal bath today. They will be all right in no time now that we know what caused it.

Usually, topical allergies appear first on contact areas such as paws, and ears where their fur covering is thin. This differs from other kinds of skin problems in cats, such as random bald patches which may be a result of emotional distress leading to overzealous grooming; or puffiness, teary eyes, runny nose, which could indicate food or inhalant allergies.

So, all in all, 4-in-1 Dettol Multi-Action cleaner – not at all good for use in the house where there are pets.

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