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Here is the story of Kendra’s adoption, as told by Junteck, Vanessa’s other half.

I’ve always been a cat lover, and I would adopt one if I had the chance to do so.
I would like to urge all cat lovers out there to do the cats good, adopt one and show it the love and care that every feline friend deserves.

However, only do so after long deliberated thought and the ability to carry out your commitment – never do it out of the spur of the moment!

Vanessa and I surfed around the web and stumbled across Ubi Kuching Project, a very neat blog. Ubi Kuching Project conducts stray cat neutering programme for the cats located in Ubi. They are affliated with a really neat and wonderful pet shop Angels Pet Shop, with a really nice owner – Aswat. Do check out their website if you own a pet, they sell a variety of products for your pet and shelter animals that are in need of a good home!

So as fate would have it, we laid our eyes on Kendra and immediately fell in love with her. This poor feline was abandoned, along with 2 of her siblings, outside a provision shop owned by one of the cat feeders in Ubi – at least the person who did had a heart! Kendra-chan was already 6 weeks old, a pretty and active girl who loves nothing more than playing with you all day! She’s going to be a pretty girl when she grows up that’s for sure!

We gave Aswat a call and off we went! Down to Angels Pet shop to take a look at Kendra and Salem. The both of them were adorable and at ease with any form of human interaction, a very agile Kendra played around with a not so agile Salem, causing some moments of pure laughter at the comical scene.

After playing with them some time, we had to decide whether we could afford and provide for the both of the felines if we adopted them both; it was a heart wrenching journey as we both agreed that we could only do so for one of them. We were mesmerized by Kendra and by the looks of it, she would be an excellent partner! So we informed Aswat and Elaine, who were helping us fall deeper and deeper in love with Kendra by each passing second, of our choice and they helped us to put together a basic kit for Kendra. From litter material to the food that she consumes – Aswat preaches basic neccesities above all, as evident of his shop.

And so Kendra now has a new home! Here are some pictures of Kendra’s new crib!

new home 9
kendra's new home 7
kendra's new home 6
kendra's new home 5
kendra's new home 4
kendra's new home 3
new home 1

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