There is yet another new kitten at Angels. Auntie Can, one of our Ubi cat patrons, owns a provision shop in Macpherson; recently someone dumped 3 kittens outside her shop. She managed to re-home 2 of them, and passed the third one over to Aswat for our help in re-homing her.

She is about 6 weeks old, blue & black tabby and white. A bit like our Scooter, with agouti type of fur, but more blue than red. She has Oriental bloodline, with large pointed ears, long limbs and a skinny tail. She is also very agile, already learning to jump and land on her feet. She will do well with a lot of toys, and possibly a cat gym to allow her to play and jump around safely.

She is a very loving kitten, with very wistful eyes that just beg you to play with her. When being groomed, she sits there and enjoys being cleaned. She also loves being stroked and cuddled, and is quite sociable.

She not only gets along with other cats and humans, she also gets along with dogs! She is scared of little and very daring to make new friends.

Little Kendra is now healthy. She is now boarding at the shop, and is already able to drink water and eat solid food. She is also litter trained. She was running a fever at first but she is now completely recovered. She is currently on Royal Canin kitten food and a half a can of canned food a day. If you are keen on adopting her, please contact Aswat at 6748 9810 / 9337 8211.

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