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I sincerely hope the whole Dane debacle will not deter good, responsible pet owners from adopting animals. In fact, the converse should be true.

The cost of owning a pet is far outweighed by the benefits of owning one. Pet owners smile at least once a day, every day, and truthfully, my very own pet cats helped me to tide over these few years as I am actually sick and have been for a long time now. My health has improved much over these couple of years partially because of my cats. It is still meaningful to adopt and own a pet in Singapore, despite everything.

We have learnt from this incident to be even more stringent with our adoption agreements, and Dane thankfully went to such a good home at the end, so, while justice is not entirely served (‘TNP Headline – Karma – I think will take time too) , I don’t care as much anymore; I don’t care if Jeff gets deported or goes to jail or fined, as long as Dane is in a good home.

Which means that, readers, do feel more assured than ever that if we are strict with others about profiteering through mistreating animals, we apply the same rules to ourselves. Not only do we firmly believe in adoption, we work as a team of three core members – Aswat, Andy and myself – to prioritise our rescue and re-homing work effectively. We focus on the newly abandoned or disadvantaged stray animals – which tend to be cats in our neighbourhood as the majority, hence our name. The three of us try as far as we can to discuss on what courses of action we need to take with each animal case; Andy and I see Aswat almost every day to share our thoughts and discuss, which is why this blog can be so constantly updated as we are actively involved in our work every night.

As for our so-called policing work post-adoption; we may be just three people in Ubi, and this may just be a blog, but rest assured no injustice goes unpublished if it ever comes by me. Dane’s case being in the news and everywhere on the internet (search rescued+dog+sale and see) is not the first time I have ever shouted over the net to the extent of it coming out in print. Granted, I am no journalist but I have a loud voice both online and in real life (see my other unrelated investigated or published stories here and here). So if you are intending to mistreat animals, think twice, many times over. No stone is left unturned.

We are not that ungracious a society after all – there are indeed many concerned animal lovers out there like you who have helped in this policing work, as we used to call it in a previous decade: Neighbourhood Police Watch. Of course, the fact that a PRC guy was involved interested a lot of other non-animal lovers too, so in a way, I need to thank you for the hatred you have for this particular breed of our ‘foreign talent’.

As I write this, Sayang is sitting on my lap, innocent of all that has happened about Dane, not upset nor frustrated, just wanting my love and attention. Looking at her and stroking her soft fur makes me realise that life can be truly simple and happy. And with that, she purrs back at me in response. Salem & Kendra the kittens still need a new home each, as well as Rex the guinea pig. Consider adopting a pet – carefully and lovingly – today.

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