more on shelley the shar-pei

Shelly Daisy the Shar-Pei is a really sweet girl. Her full name is Shelly Daisy because Aswat has been using the name Daisy to train and socialise her. She responds to both names, but to Aswat more because he has been taking care of her at the shop and giving her constant attention.

Shelley is really obedient. She actually does her business in the toilet, and not in her pen or anywhere else in the shop. She also knows her boundaries – where she is allowed to go to or not. She seems to know that where the dog safety gate is, that is the extent of her boundary.

She also hardly barks, unless you come to visit her – she makes an excellent guard-dog and door-greeter, she is super alert. When she sees someone she recognises come to her ‘house’ (i.e. the pet shop) she knows it is a friend and will not bark.

The only thing now is to socialise her more and train her to walk on a leash – something she is still not used to. We started her slow, just by getting her used to a collar first. She is not food-motivated so it takes a lot of time to get her to walk on a leash, especially beyond what she sees as her ‘boundary’.

You can see here that she has the classic black tongue – only Chow Chows and Shar-Peis have this trait. She is not very wrinkled, which is different from the pedigree-bred Shar-Peis in the US. But this is a good thing, as humid Singapore weather and facial wrinkles are not a good mix – the humidity trapped in between facial wrinkles will cause major skin problems if not cleaned and dried on a daily basis.

Shelley is actually the smallest of her family. She had to fight for food and be the subject of playful bullying from her siblings. As a result, she has some old scars from her siblings’ bites. Thankfully, now she has her own bowl and bottle to feed from at Angels Pet Shop and will hopefully go to a much better home soon.

Do keep the word out for Shelley Daisy the Shar-Pei! If you are keen to view and adopt her, contact Aswat at 9337 8211. Shelley is currently eating Eagle Pack Natural Formula which consists of fish protein and oils – good for her skin since Shar-Peis are prone to skin problems. Her collar will be given along with her to her new owner, who will also be advised on Shelley’s diet and other necessities for her care.

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