more Salem and Kendra

Salem has been enjoying the company of Kendra, and learning from her too, Kendra being around 2-3 weeks older. One of the habits Salem has picked up from Kendra is meowing to us for attention.

He is certainly adorable, he meows when he wants to be hugged or held, or if he wants to play. When both are being quiet, they huddle up together to sleep.

They still have their own individual quirks though. Even though Salem is younger, he doesn’t like to drink milk anymore, while Kendra still enjoys it. She also is still more active and inquisitive, daring to explore where no kitten has gone before. Salem is still learning how to play, which is about right for his age of about 4-5 weeks old. He does enjoy the makeshift scratching post I placed in their pen for them, and was the first to check it out. Salem also loves to sleep with his head leaned on my arm, and can stay there for a long time, but he doesn’t purr as easily as Kendra, who purrs upon familiar human affection, even when she is being groomed.

Do contact Aswat at 93378211 if you would like to visit and adopt Kendra or Salem.

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