Edit: Vietnam is now doing great at his new home. His skin condition has totally recovered, and he is now eating Nutro dog food which is also good for skin problems in dogs. To prevent him from breaking things in the house, they have relegated Vietnam to their daughter Audrey’s room; he now sleeps with her daily which she is more than happy – Vietnam does make a very nice cuddly dog when he sleeps! As for his ‘great escape’ that one time, the problem has been solved; apart from bringing Vietnam everywhere they go, they have gotten a stainless steel leash of comfortable length for him when they need to go out.

Vietnam is having major adjustment issues at his new home.

He has separation anxiety issues, and when left alone, will try to get out of the house, or off his chain so that he can find the people he loves. He is all right when leashed alongside his favourite humans, but not when he is left alone. He had broken many vases in Uncle Patrick’s house, and when they leashed him outside the house instead – and went for a short while to dinner – he bit through his leash and ran away to Angels Pet Shop. We tried to return him back, replacing his leash with another, but he broke through that as well. We had to tie him back again. He barked a lot when we left, which I have never heard him do before; he normally hardly barks, preferring to whine instead when he is happy. He really has problems being lonely, which could be related to his friends and family being rounded up and taken away.

We worry that some neighbour will complain and get him taken away just like his family was. I had a minor scare just now because he was running loose after breaking out from home, and he scared some children when they saw him. He is not aggressive, neither did he go too close, but the kids’ mother immediately grabbed her kids and got on her handphone. I was afraid she was gonna call the cops or something.

We hope he finally settles in properly at his current home, else we have to try again to re-home him.

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