new tabby, and mommy cat’s ex boyfriend

This male orange cat – Mommy cat‘s ex-boyfriend – is probably the only adult male in Zone 1 that is not yet neutered. He is quite elusive and not very greedy, so getting close to him is difficult. We did try to get him the last round of zone 1 neutering but failed because he was so elusive. He is likely the one who terrorises the other non-neutered newcomer cats in the zone. We couldn’t get a picture of him so far as he is always distant.

But we saw him tonight again trying to target another newcomer to the zone – a female tabby kitten, recently dumped. She is very pretty but Andy’s phone camera doesn’t do her justice on the pics. If we can find her often enough roaming around Ubi central we will get her along to neuter together with Skinny.

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