For some reason my cat have lately gotten themselves some scratches, perhaps from each other. By the time I noticed them, the wounds are already healed, just leaving behind some scabs with no fur on them. None of these scars are noticeable, but nonetheless I went out and got us Nova Soothing Balm.

I intend to decant some for our cat closet and pass the bottle to Aswat to use on Salem and other future animals. In the meanwhile I have already used it on Sayang and Scooter, and can safely say that the balm does not hurt them when used.

This balm is useful for scratches, wounds, dry spots. My advice is that it should not be used as immediate first aid. For scratches and wounds, the first step is to clean the area with antiseptic lotion. Then use antiseptic powder to stop the bleeding and promote healing. The balm should be the final step, to prevent itching and scarring, ideally when the wound has healed and only scabs remain.

This is also good for dry skin I reckon. Dry skin is usually itchy and this balm stops the itch. A good addition to your cat first-aid kit.

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