As we prepare for Scooter’s sterilisation tomorrow – getting ready the carrier, withholding food and water after 10pm – I also found out that our carrier is from Ferplast, the brand of our slicker brush.

I bought this carrier for around $50 from Angels when Slinky was sick after she went missing for 32 hours. I had to bring Slinky to the vet and so the carrier was the thing I needed to get urgently.

Since then we have used this carrier abundantly. To bring Sayang for her check-up, for her sterilisation, and tomorrow, for Scooter. We also use this carrier to transport cats we foster, or house rescued kittens on the first night we foster them. And oh yes we use this carrier for trapping cats on our Ubi cat neutering programmes:

This carrier is good for trapping strays because it opens both top and front, which makes it easier for us to catch and cage up the cat. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to grab the cat and place it in the carrier, so the top-opening function is extremely useful. Sometimes you want to trap the cat by luring it with food; for that the side opening is the way. Plus it is sturdy and will be able to withstand extremely feral or fat cats.

It comes with a feeding attachment (we lost in one night during a cat trapping) and a cushion insert. For stray cats, this insert should be removed and lined with newspaper instead. And after using the carrier for trapping, wash it thoroughly so that all foreign cat odours are gone or else other cats or your own may resist using it again.

And now, time for me to have an early night so I can settle Scooter’s ball-cutting tomorrow morning.

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