photographically grateful

Mi, our new lawyer friend that drafted the adoption agreement for Ubi Kuching Project, came by with a gift for us today.

We are so blessed. Let’s just say that the photos taken with this camera are far nicer and clearer than the ones we take with Andy’s handphone.

Compare these two pics taken of Kendra:

Nokia E71

Samsung ES 15

But the real reason why Mi got us the camera was because she suggested that we take pictures of adopters with the pet they adopt at the shop before they take any animal home. This is pictorial evidence to prove cases such as Dane’s adoption.

I am also hoping to use this camera in the creating of Ubi Kuching Project merchandise for fund-raising. The only decent cat photo I had all along was the one of Sayang taken on Andy’s office camera (also a Samsung), which I used for the sterilisation poster, and logo:

I came to a standstill in merchandise creation because I had no more nice photos to use for Ubi Kuching Project merchandise, but now with Mi’s precious gift, we will be going forward with producing cool cat merchandise for our fund-raising! I’m thinking postcards, posters, stickers, even maybe a coffee-table book. Now all made far more possible by this gift.

Thank you Michelle. <3

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  • Hi handsome Romeo! Your mommy's gift is great! All pictures and videos taken in Ubi and Angels Pet Shop from now on are with the new Samsung ES15! Wroof!

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