post-op care after castration

It has been 19 days since Scooter’s sterilisation. I would have to say he behaves as if nothing has happened, and his incisions healed very well.

In case you are bringing or have recently brought your male cat for neutering, I have here the post care instructions given by Dr Hsu from our vet The Animal Clinic, Katong.

Dr Miss –

Your cat Scooter has been castrated. This procedure involves a surgery in a very sensitive area and therefore needs care for sometime after the event. Unfortunately, cats do not always understand that they must rest so we need you to assist us with Scooter’s recovery.

When you pick Scooter up from our clinic he may be a little drowsy (Edit, mine – he will look like he is sick, with the third eyelid showing). This is quite normal following anaesthetic and surgery. The drowsiness should reduce over the next 12-24 hours. There will be some bruising, same as humans, so he should not be expected to be completely normal for a few days. Some oozing of a diluted blood stained fluid is normal but it should not be bleeding excessively.

Keep Scooter in a warm quiet place. No food, water or medication is to be given on the day of the surgery. He may be fed and watered normally from the next morning.

Most cats would have recovered fully within a few days. Unfortunately this does has some disadvantages in that Scooter may start jumping, running around and generally trying to do everything that he can to upset the surgery. Please try to keep Scooter as quiet as possible for the next 5 to 10 days.

Generally there are very few complications after the operation. However, there are some signs to watch for that may indicate a problem:
– Dull and listless (especially after the first 24 hours)
– Excessive bleeding from the scrotal incisions.

If you notice any of these signs please bring Scooter back to The Animal Clinic, Katong for a review.

NOTE: Scooter does not have any sutures put in – the incisions in his scrotum will heal on their own. He does not need to return unless problems occur.

Hope this makes good information for male cat owners.

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