re: Dane’s fake adopter

Latest update: There had already been one interested party who contacted the PRC guy for the puppy. This guy paid a deposit of $200 and had already collected Dane home. Dane was found to be underfed and skinny, as well as sad. He then found out about this scam online, and called our friend Aswat who fostered and did the re-homing for Dane. He will be bringing the puppy over for us to view to see if it is indeed Dane and if so, he is going to report to the police.

: A reader just emailed me saying that a PRC by the name of Jeff adopted a rescued miniature bull terrier called Xena from another pet shop which she fostered her at, from then on he disappeared as the particulars which he gave the pet shop was fake. This guy is a serial pet profiteer.

The owner who posted Dane on 88db is definitely the same guy who adopted him from us.

I made a mystery shopper’s call today to the number and it turned out to be the same guy we called yesterday from Angel’s Pet Shop as a follow-up call to our adopters. His voice is recognisable because he has a foreign accent.

Yesterday during the follow-up call he mentioned the following:

  • Dane was doing fine
  • That he is very busy in the mornings or Sundays which were the days we proposed we make a visit to check if everything went well with the adoption

Which is quite unlike what he said in the 88db add which mentioned that the dog is being let go for ‘family matters’.

I have already posted and emailed and reported as many places I can: petschannel, 88db customer service. I am running out of deterrence options. The only next thing I can possibly do is call AVA to report him for an unlicensed dog – dog licenses are not transferable so we advise the owner to apply the license for the dog themselves.

If you are reading this, please help me spread the message to all your doggy friends and on your blogs if possible. I really hate this mofo for demeaning poor Dane into a mere profit making machine.

Edit: Whoever is Daphne, thank you very much for scolding the mofo on 88db for us. But he did pay an adoption fee of $350 the dog was not ‘free’. In the interest of full disclosure please amend your comment. We have no qualms about declaring our adoption fees because we have witnessed so many cases of re-abandoning, suffered the financial burden of our rescued work and dealt with non-genuine adopters.

Edit: Dane’s story is now on hardwarezone forums, vr-zone forums, petschannel forums, my personal blog, and I have also submitted this story to Today newspaper and The New Paper,, STOMP and Berita Harian.

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