This is Sayang’s absolute favourite toy.It is not even an actual cat-toy. It was a free gift from the stationery shop when we bought a Zebra brand multi-coloured pen. When Sayang first moved in to our house, we had one, and she promptly fell in love with this zebra. It was her first toy in our house.

Soon, the zebra disappeared. She had to live with whatever toys were left in the house.

Then we decided to get another Zebra from the stationery shop uncle – Andy needed to buy a new pen anyway. The uncle gave us 2, because we told him our cat loves this toy.

And now, found, Sayang is crazy about her 2 zebras as before. This time, if one goes momentarily missing, at least we have another one lying somewhere visibly around.

Strangely enough, the other cats are not as crazy about this toy as Sayang is. Scooter still prefers the rubber ball or the toy mice. Slinky still would rather lie there and only play when teased with a wand toy. So Sayang’s zebras are quite safe from the other cats.

Cats can be so easily and simply pleased sometimes…

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