shelley, a black shar-pei puppy

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Shelley is a 4-month old pure-bred Shar-Pei puppy whose parents live in Ubi; her mom is a rescued, cream coloured Shar-Pei, and her dad is black just like her. She needs a new home because her current family is already full. We have advised her owners to neuter the parents ASAP before they breed again.

In the meanwhile, Shelley has already entered this world, and her owners were already finding it hard to cope as she and her siblings grew. All her siblings save one (the owners are keeping one of the puppies) have been re-homed and Shelley so happened to be the last one. Her owners have contemplated bringing her to SPCA should they be unable to re-home her, hence we have intervened.

She is rather shy and reserved towards strangers but shows her puppy-like personality when she gets to know you. Being a Shar-Pei, she tends to growl especially when she is nervous and will need training and supervision to grow up well-socialised.

Shelley has not been sterilised or vaccinated by her previous owners. Do also be aware that Shar-Peis are prone to skin problems from food allergies, as well as a strong doggy odour. Her new owner will need to be an experienced puppy caregiver who knows how to care for a specific breed like Shelley’s. She will do best on a low-allergen diet as well as other supplements to care for her skin, and will need to be groomed often to keep her clean, fresh and healthy. It is recommended that she be scheduled for her vaccinations and sterilisation by your vet should you choose to adopt her. To read more about caring for dogs with skin problems, see here.

That being said, a pure-bred Shar-Pei is hard to come by, and if you are looking for an interesting breed of dog – one that was once endangered, descended from royalty, fiercely loyal to their owners – Shelley might just be the one for you.

Shelley is currently boarding at Angels Pet Shop and will need a new, large home. If you are keen to view and adopt her, please contact Aswat at 9337 8211 / 6748 9810 who is currently taking care of her at the shop. Experienced dog owners preferred, viewing should be done by the whole family before making the adoption decision.

More pictures of Shelley the Shar-Pei puppy below:

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