singapura’s kittens

There is this beautiful stray cat in our neighbourhood who looks strikingly like a Singapura cat: small framed and dainty, with ticked fur in brownish grey. She is so small sized but was actually nursing her litter of kittens not too long ago.

After noticing the kittens we observed that they had a ‘home’ at the second floor of the block mother and kids hang out at. Auntie Rose, one of the Ubi cat feeders, also noticed the kittens running loose and were rather worried for their safety. They are about 8 weeks old.

Tonight, we spotted them again. But worryingly, they were far away from their ‘home’ and were loitering in a car park, under cars and in the middle of the road, along a pathway which has high human traffic during the day. Auntie Rose was with us, and she gave them some food:

The black one is a female cat with a long tail, white locket and white toe-tips. Her brother is a white cat with a short tail. Both are extremely lively, which means that they are relatively healthy, although the black one’s tail has a little bit of baldness.

Aswat saw them and I knew in his heart he was thinking that the shop is full-house on kittens already even though his heart really went out to them; you could see how torn he was between helping them and the limited resources we have. So I asked Auntie Rose to help us monitor the kittens.

Both kittens are really cute and lively, kind of like Kendra at the shop: agile, with Oriental features – you can see here that the white kitten’s ears are really pointy.

They are also very much like their mother, small in size, even this boy here. We just hope they stay safe and healthy.

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