skinny orange cat – pics!

Much talk about skinny orange cat, but here is the latest story and with accompanying pics.

Skinny has finally ventured – or been dumped – outside of his block and has taken root at Blk 304’s bubble tea shop. The bubble tea auntie loves animals and she has set up a little rest- and feeding-area for Skinny. He was rather terrorised at first by the other cats in the area, driven to roam away and hide, but he has finally settled down at the shop.

He definitely ought to be neutered so that he can get along better with the other cats in the area – unsterilised cats are seen as threats by sterilised cats, which is one of the reasons why sterilisation keeps cat populations down. I left the remainder of the food I brought for him there at the shop – the shop was already closed – as I think the last container of Royal Canin I brought for auntie has probably finished. He still has a very small appetite – remnants of his past dietary habit of only eating white rice. We hope he grows up well and healthy. He is probably only slightly older than Scooter.

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