stop buying animals, and please sterilise!

I might be preaching to the converted here, but, FFS, please sterilise your pet.

We just came across two puppies and three kittens that Aswat rescued, because they were facing the risk of being put to sleep or abandoned. The pups are borne of factory dogs nearby in Ubi – the authorities came down to threaten to remove the dogs. The kittens are from a household in Bedok Reservoir because the owners did not sterilise the cats, and consequently wanted to dump the kittens because it is Hari Raya (WTF with the screwed logic).

The pups and kittens are innocent, and actually so are their parents. It is the owners that need to be blamed. If you made a mistake that led to your animals reproducing, at least have the balls to take the responsibility to take care of them – and not dump them.

[Will post on the rescued furkids in a later post (they are damn cute). First let me rant about irresponsible pet owners.]

It is not just kittens being dumped. There have been a few pedigree cats – obviously recently abandoned house pets – sighted by one of the Angel’s customers who lives in Eunos. These cats are freshly dumped, probably as part of the garbage thrown out during the recent holiday spring cleaning done by the households in the Eunos area.

When I heard this, I was also cussing that the surge in pedigree cat ownership in Eunos is probably also due to the pet shop there that sells pedigree cats. By the way, please don’t board your cats there ever. One of their customers boarded their cat there and he died from starvation. Another came back with fleas. Anyway, I really hate shops that sell pets. Sell a pet here, kill another somewhere else. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thankfully, the shop was already closed when we passed by last night on a recon mission to find these abandoned cats. If she had opened her shop, I probably would been even more incensed seeing her profit off breeding and selling cats.

If you really need to re-home an animal, there are humane ways to do it. Dumping a cat will harm it if it is not used to being a stray. Cats also have very strong territorial urges. A new cat will likely be attacked by the resident stray cats. This is if the cat is brave. A shy abandoned cat will likely have to find a place to hide to avoid being attacked by strays – this will mean that they will have to go without food and water for a long time, and eventually die. Either way, it is cruel.

If you read it this far, thanks for listening. Please help spread the message: Don’t buy, adopt. and of course; Save lives, sterilise.

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