Recently 5 young kittens about 3-4 weeks old were abandoned outside Angels Pet Shop. They were left in a cardboard box which was wet from cat pee, and left overnight there till Aswat discovered them when he opened the shop in the late morning the following day.

2 have been adopted. There are 3 of them left:

Out of the remaining abandoned 3, 2 are males and 1 is female. When they were found outside the shop, all the kittens were badly dehydrated, with teary eyes and dirty. They are still in recovery.

The boy on the left has nice ticked fur in blue and red, with cute mascara stripes on his face. Clockwise to his right is his brother, a red and white cat. Below him is their tri-coloured sister. All of them have mid-length tails.

Will take better pictures of them when we have nursed them to better health. For now, here are some more pics of them.

They will definitely look in better shape soon after they are properly taken care of – diet, cleaning, medication. If you are interested in these poor little darlings, do give Aswat a call at 9337 8211.

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