the skin and hair differences between pets and us

Pet Skin

  • pH Level 7.5
  • Skin Turnover 3 weeks(average)
  • Skin Layers 4-6
  • Hair Growth Cyclical
  • Hairs/Follicle Many
  • Sweat Glands Foot Pads/Bridge of Nose
  • Sebaceous Glands All Over Body

Human Skin

  • pH Level 6.5
  • Skin Turnover 4 weeks(average)
  • Skin Layers 8-12
  • Hair Growth Continual
  • Hairs/Follicle One
  • Sweat Glands All Over Body
  • Sebaceous Glands Face and Hair Areas

Excerpt from PPP’s website.

This extract was written to explain why human shampoos are different from those made for pet use. However, some pet owners do use human shampoos for their pet dogs and cats.

I think the main issues to take note of are pH levels and the the amount of emollients in the shampoo. Some pet owners swear by certain human shampoos for their pets, but then again, all pets are different. Some pets have allergies, others do not. Their coat lengths also differ. For cats, the ingredients are also an issue: cats groom themselves, so ingredients in the shampoo should not be harmful when ingested.

If you ever need to use human shampoo on your pet, do test it out first on a small area, as with all skin care products. Baby shampoos, organic products generally are safer than commercial products. Regardless, when washing near the cat’s face, use your hand to gently wet the area, taking care to avoid water getting into eyes or ears of your cat. You can clean your cat’s ears after the shower, with some cotton wool dipped in water or baby oil, or with proprietary pet ear-cleaning products.

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